Welcome to Premium LM

Premium LM was established in 2009 as an independent multi-family office, dedicated to providing bespoke personal and business solutions and advisory services to High Net Worth Individuals and their families.

At Premium LM we have a wealth of experience in building long-term relationships with HNWIs and designing tailored solutions to accommodate their complex needs.

Premium LM has been consistently building its credibility by gaining increased customer loyalty through the provision of premium services as evidence of the company’s commitment to values and total confidentiality.

Premium LM has its headquarters in London, UK, and a number of representative offices worldwide.

At Premium LM we focus on building strong, mutually beneficial relationships, and regardless of our clients’ individual needs, we can provide them with a compelling and bespoke range of solutions including:

  • UK Property advice (bespoke property search for purchase or rental, full relocation support, property investment opportunities)
  • UK Education consultancy (school and university placements, mentoring, guardianship)
  • UK Business & Finance (Onshore and offshore business solutions)

Wherever your imagination takes you, we can lead you through this journey. Together we can reach the highlands of success and prosperity as your success is our success.

London, UK

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