​​You may be considering trusts and foundations as an option for managing your tax obligations, or for preparing for the future. Offshore trusts, foundations and companies offer considerable benefits, and can be used as an effective instrument in many areas of international tax planning. We offer our clients our significant expertise in the creation and administration of non-UK resident trusts, and can advise you on the most suitable type of trust to ensure that the arrangement combines flexibility alongside the appropriate compliance.

We can assist you with your trusts in a number of ways:

• Techniques to mitigate inheritance tax on personal wealth, family business property and portfolio investment

• Reconciliation of trusts that have not been considered for a number of years

• Identify underlying sources of income and capital gains taxable on beneficiaries

• Advice on large and complex single and multi-trust situations

• Advice on trusts and estates with only a small number of assets

• Consultation with executors on the tax implications of estate administration

Our tax specialists will guide you through the wide range of options, finding a personal solution to your trust needs and requirements. In addition, our international associates provide a complete range of services including offshore company incorporations, administration and accountancy services, establishment of offshore trusts and provision of trustee services and formation and administration of Foundations.


Trusts and Foundations

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