Offshore companies can offer a variety of advantages over their onshore equivalents: 

  • Lower tax rates
  • Easier company reporting requirements
  • Security against creditors
  • The protection of one's identity
  • Avoiding local investing restrictions
  • Offshore Formation

Offshore companies for trading

Many companies which trade overseas have offshore bases. Some of these companies choose to set up an offshore company, mainly to benefit from the substantial tax savings available in these jurisdictions. These savings are available to companies of all sizes, ranging from multinationals to small owner-managed companies.

Offshore companies in protecting directors' identities

Due to local investment restrictions or risk of actions from creditors, directors may wish to keep their identities confidential. 

Offshore companies are similar to UK limited companies in that they are able to own properties, hold money and shares and other items in their own right. Thus, a person may use their company to make various purchases and then be protected by the fact that no one can discover that the company is owned by that individual. Different offshore jurisdictions provide different levels of privacy.

Offshore companies for tax savings

The zero or minimal tax rates applicable to offshore companies makes them very attractive to profitable businesses. The prospect of retaining all of the income earned compared to other countries where government would levy a tax on the income has led to some businesses opening offshore branches and using them as trading vehicles.

In addition to corporation tax savings, offshore companies usually enjoy tax-free capital gains and inheritance charges. The suitability of offshore companies to a particular individual can only be ascertained after a reasonably detailed analysis of their financial situation, their future plans and their goals. Having said this, the attractions of offshore companies are clear.

Our international tax lawyers will advise you on all aspects of offshore legislation and assist you in choosing the right scheme for your business and your financial goals. 

We can assist you with opening a private or corporate ​​bank accounts in offshore jurisdictions.

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