At Premium Educational Mentors (PEM) our  Guardians provide long-term support and pastoral oversight for overseas pupils attending schools in the UK to ensure that their experience of studying in Britain is positive and rewarding.

British boarding schools require that pupils under the age of 18 whose parents live abroad, have an educational guardian resident in the UK. Such guardians are given legal responsibility for the pupil by his parents and act "in loco parentis" for the duration of their studies in this country.

The role played by PEM guardians goes well beyond this minimum legal requirement and all guardians establish close relations with pupils, parents, housemasters and teachers. Many PEM guardians have children of their own at British boarding schools, and the majority have attended such schools themselves. They have a profound understanding of the dynamics of boarding environments, enjoy the friendship and trust of their charges, and offer them dependable advice and support.

PEM can also provide purely academic guardianship for pupils at day schools, tutorial colleges, or university students. Additionally, nominal guardianship is offered to families who have adequate informal arrangements in place but who require a formal confirmation of a guardian for emergency situations.

All guardians are experienced and well-qualified. Guardians visit their charges at schools frequently and maintain continuous contact with their parents. Where necessary, they are available round the clock and in any emergency can draw on the full administrative, organizational, and crisis management support.